this is the first video game i've made since i was a child. i've worked very hard on it, so i hope you can get some sort of enjoyment out of it.

i made this game specifically for Porpentine Charity Heartscape's divination jam:

my method was to first lay a spread  from the collective tarot, which resulted as follows:

middle top: Disaster (the Tower)

left to right below tower: four of feathers (swords), apprentice of keys (knight of wands), seven bottles (seven of cups)

then i rolled a d20 which landed on 17 (the Star)

this reading has been manifesting in my life very apparently. if you know tarot, then you probably realize this hasn't been easy for me. but it's been a necessary and imo good process of change.

by the way, blackberry is based on a real life tree-bramble being i actually met!

any feedback is welcome! thank you for trying my game!

Authorfall rose
Made withBitsy


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I had a good time playing this :) it was really cool seeing how the different pieces interacted with one another, and the critters of this realm had some nice things to say ^_^

this game was so nice ^^ the birds are cute! i would like to explore more

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Veryy cute game, it was super fun to explore all the areas, and I loved how the tarot themes influenced the game both textually and a subtextually!

Also damn... Maybe one day I'll become a keybitch warrior

thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it ^-^