this is the first game i've ever done in twine. i was sort of hit by a wave of inspiration, got suddenly interrupted, worked on it routinely for a while, and then finished it on another wave of inspiration.

please note this game involves adult content that may seriously bother some people. nothing too explicit, but suggested incest is a theme. Utena is a good reference for the level of that in this game.

features include:

  • random memories from my childhood interspersed with fiction
  • going through the same shit again and again to see the different bits
  • little poems
  • my feelings
  • some weird stuff i drew

making this was difficult but also gave me something to do when my body wouldn't allow me to rest, and it gave me an outlet for thoughts that would otherwise just hang over me. please feel free to let me know what you think if you have opinions!

Authorfall rose
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine


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It is really good, really sad. Thank you for sharing

This is a twine unlike any other I've played. Made me feel sad, scared, nostalgic, and upset, but in a good way.